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Les Landes and the Basque country abound with unforgettable places to discover, right on your doorstep, all year round. The famous Kakuetta gorges offer beautiful hikes among the cliffs, accessible to all. Go for a walk in the streets of Biarritz or Petit Bayonne; maybe take a stroll along the bay of St-Jean-de-Luz, where the traditional merges with the modern. These are beautiful places, where you're bound to have a great time and stock up on memories. Sunny days here are paced by captivating games of pelota and country meals that bring the villages to life. Fancy a taste of local colour? Come and mingle with crowds dressed in white and red, celebrating the festivals of Dax, Tyrosse or even Bayonne. You'll find yourself caught up in the buzz as the towns deck themselves in traditional finery and get all lit up for the occasion. Discover the "French California" with Hossegor's surf scene and its plethora of trendy bars and shops. To get a bit of height and survey the breathtaking landscapes of the Basque Country, the Landes and the Pyrenees, head for the Rhûne! You can either board the little train, or follow any number of trails if you're a seasoned hiker, to discover heart-stopping views.

Land, ocean, tradition, surfing, lazing around, you name it... With children or friends, this little corner of unspoiled paradise welcomes you with open arms for a holiday made up of unforgettable moments. There's only one thing we ask of you: enjoy yourself!


Taking a boat ride down the little river of Courant d'Huchet is a unique experience. It's a 10-km journey, departing from Léon pond in the Landes. The boatmen will take you on a discovery trip through varied scenery, among swamps, peat bogs and dunes, home to many little-known and protected animal species.
374, rue des Berges du Lac • Léon
+33 (0)5 58 48 73 91


Plunge into the "Basque Amazon" at Sainte-Engrace. Explore this 2-km long canyon along the marked trails and walkways that follow the river as it winds its way down. Waterfalls and lush vegetation await you. Allow 2 hours for a round trip. Easily accessible to all ages. Open from March 15 to November 15.
+33 (0)5 59 28 73 44


Climb to the top of a mountain in the Basque country. You can reach La Rhune either via the rack railway or by hiking from the charming village of Sare.
Magnificent panoramic views await you there, over the Basque Country and the Atlantic Ocean, and you can also observe the wildlife as you go up.

Col de Saint-Ignace • Sare
+33 (0)5 59 54 20 26


Sainte-Barbe, in Saint-Jean-de-Luz in the Basque Country, is a lovely natural area to take a walk and relax, with stunning views over the Ocean, the bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and the countryside.


La Concha Bay in San Sebastian in Spainis a spectacular site, blending an urban landscape with nature. You can hike amongst beautiful, unique scenery on the trails that wind around both sides of the bay.
San Sebastian


From Bidart to Hendaye in the Basque Country, the path overlooks the ocean, winding along the cliffs, through typical villages, between sea and mountains.
Depart from Erretegia beach, to finish 25 km further in Txingudi Bay. You can do this walk in several goes, but we'd recommend always heading towards Hendaye, so you have a view on the mountains


In Sabres in the Landes, board a century-old train to reach the Marquèze eco-museum. This vast preserved natural space takes you 150 years back in time.
Antique craftsmanship, old-fashioned furnished houses, mill bread oven, pets, Gascon games and local delicacies...
Route de Solférino • Sabres
+33 (0)5 24 73 37 40


Unique in Europe, the Bétharram Caves are an underground attraction accessible by boat and train. These wonderfully varied caves are among the most beautiful and interesting to visit.

Chemin Léon Ross • Saint-Pé-de-Bigorre
+33 (0)5 62 41 80 04


Discover the gorgeous home of French playwright Edmond Rostand in Cambo-les-Bains in the Basque Country and visit its 15 hectares of gardens dotted with ponds and water features.

Route du Docteur Camino • Cambo-les-Bains
+33 (0)5 59 29 83 92


Once upon a time… There was Abaddia! A majestic estate where meadows and orchards stretch lazily across 65 hectares of wild moors,looking out over the ocean in Hendaye. This is a place of poetry and dreams... Take a fascinating tour of the castle for a glimpse into the life of its illustrious host, Antoine d'Abbadie, a man of science and a great traveller. Route de la Corniche • 64700 Hendaye-Plage
+33 (0)5 59 20 04 51



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