La Côte Landaise

Stretching northwards from the Pyrenees to the Gironde to the north, the Landes coast boasts an ideal location. As the second largest "département" in France, this county stands out for its great diversity of scenery, each more fascinating than the next. It's in this fabulous setting, right by the Atlantic Ocean, that My Little Villa decided to set up shop and offer unique properties for you to rent on your holidays. Still not quite made up your mind about this destination? Um-ing and ah-ing? We'll show you how much you'd miss out if you didn't come! As an area of nature, The Landes is simply unrivalled, with its outstanding diversity:


The Landes coast is on the Atlantic Ocean: a coastline of sandy beaches stretching more than 100 km. Walk over the majestic dunes and you'll discover vast beaches where waves beat out their eternal rhythm. A harmony of nature, where surfers and other boardsport enthusiasts are drawn together by a common love for the sea in all its moods and changing tides. The beaches of Hossegor, Capbreton and Seignosse, with their famous world-class surf spots, offer a wide range of activities that appeal to one and all.

The forest

Europe's largest pine forest is in the Landes! This natural treasure covers 60% of the county's surface area. At the heart of this natural reserve lies the Seignosse forest, a paradise for those who love sports and the great outdoors. This life-size playground invites you to come and explore, with countless paths and cycle paths for walking, running, cycling... Or, if you prefer, just sit and meditate among the trees, enjoying the sunshine.

Lakes and nature reserves

Everyone knows about the beautiful peeling waves of Hossegor and Seignosse, but what's less famous is the peaceful countryside just inland of the Landes coastline. The Marais d'Orx, for instance, a marsh between Labenne, Orx and Saint-André-de-Seignanx; the lakes of Hossegor and Soustons; or the ponds of Seignosse... If you're looking for a place to relax, you'll be spoilt for choice! The Marais d'Orx is a great place for a walk if you want to discover our natural heritage and see the water birds. Go boating on the white pond, basking in an idyllic setting where fishing is the order of the day. Whether you're into SUP or sailing, or you just want to laze around, Lake Hossegor is the perfect place to spend a day, with its wide variety of activities in tune to the beat of the ocean tides. If you feel like going for a walk or a bike ride, doing a bit of SUPing or canoeing, then head to these vast, tranquil stretches of water surrounded by lush vegetation.

Local gastronomy and culture

Exploring the Landes region also means getting to know its culture and culinary specialties. Tourtière, Landes pastis, foie gras, pâté, Tursan wines, seafood, you name it... With such a great variety of high-quality food, there's something for all tastes! The Landes also boasts a colourful, flourishing local culture. This amazing cultural heritage reveals itself in the friendliest, most welcoming ways: all you have to do is join the fun! Play pelota with friends, experience the buzz of the Landes races with your family, dress up in a red and white outfit and mingle with the happy crowds at ferias, or simply feast your eyes on the Basque-Landes architecture at every street corner. But we won't give everything away; the Landes has so many more secrets for you to discover.

With such diversity of landscape, there's a wide range of activities here to delight the whole family, young and old. The seasonal rentals we offer are surrounded by nature all year round. With or without children, for a week or a month, come and take advantage of the great deals awaiting you at the seaside of Les Landes, as you enjoy a relaxing stay at magnificent, comfortable villas.